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Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Coast Craft Fair

This morning I had plans with my dear friend to have tea. We decided to travel to the Midtown Global Market. I wasn't quite sure why, but I knew there were several coffee shops and that we were bound to find some tea somewhere and have a nice chat (secretly I thought I might see if the Salty Tart had any gluten-free/sugar-free treats, but never got around to it). However, I failed to remember that there was a HUGE craft fair going on called No Coast Craft-O-Rama. I am not usually the type to attend craft fairs and so I had no plans to hit up this event - usually I would run screaming. But, it was very hip and happening - it ain't your typical old school craft fair held in a grade school or church basement. In fact, the place was busting at the seems there were so many people!

What is awesome about this event is that it celebrates local artists some using recycled materials and making their products with pride & infusing what they make with style, love, and a bit of sweat! I wanted to showcase a few of the crafters at the event. Each of them will be checking in on the post and add a little blurb to the details of what they sell. Overall, all the booths offered high quality, ascetically pleasing "crafts".

Just a picture of my loot (see the gloves with the beet & carrot?). Yay

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