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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Challenge

I challenge you to a Thanksgiving you won't regret! The BEST part is it does not require you to be physically active or eat "healthy" food (though I would certainly consider it). Did I heard a deep sigh of relief? The challenge I present to you: be mindful and really taste your food. I challenge you to make conscious choices on Thanksgiving. That's it. Now you might be thinking - seriously that's it? Done and done! However, many times we start in on our food and taste it, but after a few bites we shovel it down. We are then off to pile on a bit more of our favorite items. This leaves us feeling weighed down by indigestion. Our belly's bloated, gassy, gurgling and feeling an overall sense of "arg super gross" wishing we had paced ourselves. Wishing that we had worn sweatpants instead of our cute clothes. We are then unable to hold up a conversation because our bodies are working hard to deal with the rush of insulin that has come to our rescue due to all the carbs and turkey so we MUST take a quick nap.

Trust me this is a very simple technique and it doesn't cost you anything. Eat all the lovely fixings you desire, but take the time to taste each bite. If you stop tasting and realize you are just "shoveling" or eating mindlessly then recommit. Plus, remember that just because something is on your plate doesn't mean you have to eat it. If you try something and it isn't to your liking - don't eat it. If the pie looked amazing, but really it isn't super delicious then dump it. A Holiday is made for rejoicing and enjoying. Make sure you are enjoying in the family, friends and of course the food.