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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Need a Head Adjustment?

Not everyone is all that interested in seeing a Chiropractor. I totally get it. It is very scary to have someone adjust your body and in some cases I have read horror stories about chiropractic visits. However, I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was in junior high and so for me seeing a chiropractor is equivalent to seeing an MD. 

I am always on the hunt for learning about other holistic remedies for health and then experimenting with those new holistic remedies. As I have been on the hunt for some specific information regarding weight-loss I ended up in the office of a holistic practitioner who immediately looked at my face and asked me what kind of head trauma I had experienced. I told him that when I was in third grade I had an accident that landed my face into the door jam at school and had to have stitches.

I asked him if he could tell because my eyes weren't 100% symmetrical. He said, yes. Which was a bit shocking to me because I thought I was the only person that could really tell that my eye shape wasn't quite the same (one seemed a bit squished) and one eyebrow seemed higher than the other. I figured that this was just the way my DNA put everything together.

The weird thing about this conversation is that I was told by a Homeopathic Doctor about 8 months prior that I needed my head adjusted and I didn't know what it meant. 

As a holistic health coach I find that it is extremely important when I work with clients that I look at the whole person. I try my best to connect with them whether it is in-person, via Skype or over the phone. And during this session I felt as though this practitioner really saw me and looked at me. He wanted to help. Yes, I know I am biased, but I always feel like my time at the doctor's office is so quick and that they really do not see me as anything but a time-slot. I always leave feeling like my questions were not answered. I know I haven't found the right MD (if you have a recommendation please email it my way), and I am still looking, but I think that people want to be seen and heard when it comes to health.

During my session with this holistic practitioner he told me he was going to adjust my face and that it was going to be a memorable experience (painful). It certainly wasn't pleasant and it did hurt quite a bit, but once he had finished the pain was gone. He used several acupuncture needles to relax my body from the pain and allow me to rest. When I got off the table I told him that it was weird by I felt as though my mouth was larger. He said that wasn't odd at all and that I was supposed to feel that change. It is very hard to explain but my mouth feels so different (I keep feeling along the inside of my mouth along the gums and teeth and it just feels different).

After the session was over I got into my car and when I looked into the mirror I was in awe. My face looked completely different to me. Let me preface this by saying that most of us study our own faces. I doubt other people are going to notice. The change is very subtle but in my opinion HUGE. My eyes are the exact same size now. Before this head adjustment one of my eyes was slightly smaller or squished. It isn't something just anyone would notice (thank goodness). In fact, I have been trying to locate pictures that are up close so see if I could post it, but I don't have the skills in photoshop to magnify the few up close photos that I have.

I never thought that I would have needed my head adjusted. But, this experience was fascinating and I am wondering what other little things I am going to learn and experience over the years that are this "awe inspiring." I'll keep you posted of course.