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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Basic Dietary Reminders

Everyday I try to be the best I can. It certainly isn't always easy, but the better I feel the more likely I am able to be a caring and compassionate person.

Here are a few of the things that can help anyone feel better, look better and be better.

1. Avoid hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial colors
2. Do not overeat, it overloads the digestive system. Instead eat until about 80 % full (this can be a hard one)
3. Eat organic, grass-fed animal foods in moderations
4. Drink around 6 - 10 glasses of pure water. Most of use overeat simply because we are dehydrated
5. Eat only when you are calm and hungry. The body needs to be able to focus on digesting
6. Eat whole foods as much as possible - meaning avoid eating foods that are prepackaged
7. Eat as many none starchy vegetables as you like
8. Chew chew chew - digestion starts when you look at your food and then start to chew it. Chewing your food well puts less pressure on the stomach to try and break up the food later.

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