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Monday, August 31, 2009

Food Habits

So I just finished reading a rather relevant article in the NY Times called Parenting and Food: Eat Your Peas. Or Don’t. Whatever. BY Frank Bruni.

As a diet and lifestyle consultant I thought that this NY Times article was very interesting. It reminded me of what I went through as a child & adolescent growing up. One minute I was told I just needed to lose 10 lbs and then the next I was told I was exercising too much and that I looked perfect the way I was.

Food is a touchy subject and people are so confused about what healthy food is (processed vs. not), how to prepare, the price of good food is higher than junk food, people are no longer eating meals together as a family - it is easy to understand why kids these days are headed toward obesity. Every parent has an opinion on what is the best method for inspiring your children to have health eating habits. What are yours?

Check out the article here.