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Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Coast Craft Fair - Mia Sorella

So cooking in the kitchen can sometimes be a drag! What if you were wearing a vintage inspired apron? Well, that changes everything. Doesn't it? I think so, but I like to act on stage. Seriously if you want to dress up to cook and make it classy why not? Maybe the apron can be a little sexy - whatever strikes your fancy.

Cooking should be fun. I know that. I try to make it fun. I make quick, easy, minimal ingredient meals - this is one of the many areas I help my clients gain confidence in. Of course sometimes you still need to mix things up. You could even have MadMen playing in the living room to get you in the mood. Have a cocktail hour. I'm not saying I want to be a housewife from the 50's - that would truly be a mess, but adding a bit of pizazz didn't hurt no one. :)

Mia Sorella features:
Cotton Aprons
Cocktail Aprons
Party Dresses

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