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Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Tip: EAT!

Today's Holiday Tip: EAT.

Well of course eat. That's what parties and gatherings are for right? Tell me how many of you out there have skipped meals to "save" up for the holiday gathering later that day? I know I've done it (not anymore though). You essentially starve yourself all day and then get to the party and what happens? You INHALE! You have intentions of trying not to go crazy, but shoot there are so many lovely sweets & treats that you can't resist. Your favorite foods might have been prepared especially for you and you know you want to eat it, but you overdo it. Actually you cannot resist these temptations because you are hungry. Your body has not properly eaten and so it freaks out. Your body takes over and says gimme, gimme, gimme.

What do I mean by telling you to eat? I mean that I want you to start your day off right. Eat a healthy breakfast and a good size lunch. I know you are crazy busy with all the stresses of the season and sometimes eating will take the back-burner to squeezing in one more errand. But, this one tip can save you extra holiday weight gain. If you are going to a dinner party make sure to grab a small snack before you get to the party. You will avoid the pitfall of eating too much, too fast, and feeling bloated or discouraged by what you ate. 

You will be glad you did!


Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

I figure as long as I stay away from candy and chips I'm good to go with real holiday food like lasagna and turkey :-)

MulberryMary said...

Michelle -

You are very wise. Is lasagna one of your family's traditions? Every year it is a little different for Christmas Eve dinner, but then Christmas Day tends to be a ham and other sides.

I prefer sit down meals to buffet style. I try to make sure I eat before a buffet otherwise I just keep eating and eating ;)

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