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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Tip: Sugar Plums!

Well I don't really mean visions of sugar plums I mean get some sweet dreams!

Don't forget to get some rest this holiday season. We keep running from gathering to gathering or shop to shop and we don't stop to take proper care of ourselves. Sleep is extremely important if you want to keep the weight off. Make sure to get whatever amount of sleep your body is asking for. Maybe that means you have to skip an early morning workout (I did today - it crushed me, but at the same time it was so luxurious getting to sleep in another hour and a half!). You are going to notice a difference when you get the rest you need. It will be less likely that you will be looking for energy in the form of cheap calories like soda, fancy coffee drinks, or candies to keep you going.

Nighty night!

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