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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taking advice a bit too far?

I like to think I am a minimalist. Though I am probably fooling myself as I still have tons of "stuff." I was wondering if you think I am taking my minimalist approach too far?

When it comes to the Holidays we do not decorate at all. I did put the holiday cards in the living room. But, that has been my only "effort" nothing else (I realize that was no effort at all). We have not decorated once since moving into our house. In fact, every year in the summer I go through boxes in the basement and find a small box of holiday decorations. Each year I toss about half of what was in there sending it away to a charity. I have kept a few things - but I don't even remember what they are.

I keep thinking that if we have kids maybe we will start decorating a bit and get a tree. Plus, my mother says she is saving all my decorations for when I am ready. I wonder how many that is? And since we do not spend the holidays at our house we can enjoy what is going on elsewhere. I don't know. Maybe if I was more interested in decorating I might be more interested in the holidays as a whole?

Anyway that's my story right now. I wanted to share with you Jessica's tips for having a clutter-free holiday if that is an area you feel a bit challenged. I subscribe to her 3 tips. But, maybe I should start dressing my dog up as Santa and start planning a gathering next year to magnify the holiday experience?

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