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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A whole lot of crazy

Taken from http://thedaffodilproject.blogspot.com/
The last few weeks have been full, packed to the gills, overcommitted. I have been busy running:

  • Meetings
  • Technical Training Consulting
  • Working with my fabulous clients
  • Teaching Classes
  • Traveling to FL (not for a vacation)
  • Attending Networking Events 
  • Writing newsletter
  • Preparing for Upcoming programs and classes (HINT HINT)
    • This gets all sorts of extra stars ****
  • Learning how to belly dance (who knew it would be so hard?)
  • Weight training
  • Yoga
  • A few chiropractic appointments 
  • A Shiatsu massage (anyone else hold tension in the gluts - tender!)
  • A brow wax (things were outta control!)

It is all just a little much. I'm sure you feel the same way. There is always something more pressing than your health. I don't want to miss out on life, yet at the same time I've got a To Do list that makes my head spin. Not to mention that there is another holiday around the corner that is ready to derail us from our health goals. Check out one of these posts for some sweet ideas Post A, Post B it is V-Day after all.

However, I for one am very excited about my upcoming Defrost Detox Program. It is a time where I too get to reaffirm my own goals and participate fully. One of the key ingredients I will be focusing on during my 4-week program is to cool it and chill the @)(&@#! out! It is a time where I am reestablishing a relationship with myself and making myself and my own needs a priority. Make yourself number one and you will see that by taking that time for yourself you will be more like the person you truly are within.

Detoxing does not only involve what you are or are not putting into your body (excess sodas, caffeine, alcohol, pre-packaged foods, sweets). And, believe me food is a vital UPGRADE when transforming your health. But, your lifestyle plays a key role. Think about what the missing piece is for you. Is it your diet or your lifestyle? Is it a combination? Take some time to reflect on what you really need right now to feel your best and take steps toward attaining that goal. Make your goals bite sized and manageable. Reward those efforts you make - not with food, but with some other tantalizing treat.

Check out the details here of my upcoming Defrost Detox and jump in. 

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