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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loving Kindness

My earnest request is that you practice love and kindness whether you believe in a religion or not - HH the Dalai Lama

To sum up, to bring about the complete happiness of others it is necessary to become enlightened yourself. When you understand this and resolve to see enlightenment for their sake, this is called the altruistic intention toward enlightenment, or bodhichitta.
-HH the Dalai Lama

What do these quotes have to do with Diet & Lifestyle? I believe there needs to be more effort focused on numero uno. I mean YOU, of course. I challenge you to treat yourself with the utmost respect. This is a challenge for many. In fact, it is supremely important for you to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself if you are going to have meaningful relationships with others. Sounds a bit hippy dippy doesn't it? I know it. In high school I would have been rolling my eyes and looking at my watch. Then I would start bashing my entire self worth. Yippy - let's see how many rounds I can do before I feel totally defeated!

Think about how you treat those around you. Do you snicker under your breath, or laugh at them, or curse them when they are trying to be the best they can? Probably not. How many of us pick away at a loved one's food choices, exercise regime, or spiritual practice, as if its the only activity to participate in? Not many. Think of the respect you would give to a best friend, mother, father, co-worker etc. Stop using negative self-talk. No one-including you-is deserving of such criticism. Stop placing guilt or shame on yourself for something you ate, or are about to eat, or something you did, or did not do. I cannot imagine insulting someone with the same sort of talk I would easily (unconsciously) say to myself.

Instead, treat yourself as you treat others. You are a blessing and if you have a hard time believing it then this tip is for you. Treat yourself with kindness today. Everyday.

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