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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What are you currently ordering from the Universe?

Remember, the "little" things you say to yourself in jest are the big things that manifest. If you want a truly delicious life, make sure your mind is consistently ordering the right thoughts. What are you ordering from the universe? - Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy
 I don't think this particular quote is more poignant than others like it, but for the last few years the thought of what I have been "ordering" from the universe has been with me on a daily basis. I have been trying to speak with more love and kindness to myself and my dreams. I started speaking to myself with acceptance and tenderness more frequently. I have vowed to create new patterns no matter how cheesy or silly or out of my comfort zone I feel.
Opening myself up this way was far from natural to me. It has always been natural for me to complement others and see their amazing strengths. Yet, the moment someone wanted to tell me about my gifts I would cringe and feel like I was listening to lies. Like so many of my clients who are healing their relationships with food and their bodies. I've had the negative language on a continuous loop playing in the background - with the volume on high. When I think about these terrible loathsome thoughts it reminds me of what I had 'ordered' from the universe for the last 25 years.
Instead of thinking of what I don't want and putting my energy toward negativity. I have chosen to put my energy towards what I do want and what I know I deserve. This is still a struggle, but I can tell you I can finally take a complement and not doubt that the person has only good intentions (that's a big step!).
This month place your energy on what you want. Try using one or all of these methods: 
  • Look yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself!
  • Make a list
  • Draw a picture
  • Place post-its all over your house or car to remind you of what you desire
  • Meditate on your goal 
  • Visualize what you want
  • Put notes in your purse or pocket


Christa said...

Thanks for this post, Mary. This really rang true for me today. Tomorrow I will be turning off the negative tape for a much more pleasant version. xoxo

MulberryMary said...

Christa - Wonderful! I hope that today went well. Just notice the unpleasant voices and rephrase them to positive lines instead. I would love to hear how this goes for you.

NonGoddess said...

Great post, Mary! Focusing on the negative can be so easy...I really like the idea of channeling that energy into positive thinking!

MulberryMary said...

Sarah - I completely agree. The negative can eat you up, but just gives you more of the same. Releasing ourselves from the nasty negativity allows us time to see the world differently.