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Monday, July 26, 2010


I love eggs.  Although, for a long time I thought eggs were bad for my health because they contain high amounts of cholesterol. As a person who wanted desperately to be healthy I avoided them.

When I started to revamp my health in a holistic way eggs were reintroduced into my diet. In fact, the holistic practitioner I worked with had me eating eggs daily. I noticed that I my energy increased and I wasn't starving a few hours after breakfast.

Our bodies actually need cholesterol to function. Cholesterol is an antioxidant and therefore helps us rebuild and fight off free radicals. That said there are plenty of junk foods and prepackaged foods that contain hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated fats that are highly toxic and are damaging to our health. These fake foods have been highly refined and are extremely taxing to the body. These are the fats you want to avoid. Sticking to traditional whole foods whenever possible, like eggs, is a good bet! These whole foods have been eaten for hundreds of years and have stood the test of time.

These days I do not eat as many eggs as when I was rebuilding my health, but they are definitely a staple in my home. We also eat more eggs in the fall then in the heat of summer. You might be wondering if it is the heat of summer why all this tak about eggs?

Recently, my lovely neighbors (yes you!) asked us if we would be interested in being part of a hen cooperative and we jumped at the chance. The signatures were gathered from surrounding neighbors and then the coop was built. The inspection took place and we were off to pick out some chickens.

The Coop

Getting ready to search out some chickens (above) Hens getting used to their new diggs

Hens hanging in the coop

Brahma one brown and one gray (the hawkish one)

Barred Rock

Dominique (the dominatrix)

Gold Laced Wynadotte

Buff Orpington

Are you a fan of urban farmer fresh eggs? Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for new urban farmers? If so please post a comment below!


Sarah Schatz - menus for limited diets said...

I love eggs too. I eat them almost every morning for breakfast and I can last almost all morning till lunch. if I don't have them for breakfast - like this morning, I can feel my energy wane. I've read they are "brain food" and can relate to this.

I would love to have our own chickens one day but for now, we live in a development that wouldn't approve of this. I love the coop idea!

Tracy said...

I have my own chickens that live in a coop and a 30 foot by 15 foot run. I have found that my chickens thrive on those daily visits when I bring them a handfull of all types of grasses. I also feed them all my clean, organic veggie scraps and sometimes even fruit scraps. They love trying out these foods.

MulberryMary said...

@Sarah - I agree eggs have got staying power! I love the coop too. It doesn't hurt that they are lovely people. ;)

@Tracy - I knew you would have chickens. Great tips! I will have to walk my veggie scraps over to the neighbors house. Fun fun. How many chickens do you own?

sarahsic said...

Who us? Tee hee! Wonderful post - I cannot wait to have fresh eggs to eat this fall!

MulberryMary said...

Sarah - Yes YOU! ;) Me too. I am thinking we can have brunch once a month to showcase an egg dish!

Tracy said...

At this time I have 14 chickens but I will need to get more. Why is it that when people hear that there are free range eggs to buy they have to have some? ;)

So, now that I have customers and more on a waiting list, I need to get more chickens. I would like to get 10 more.

Enjoy those chickens and the visits. They are a hoot to watch. Take the time to just sit and watch them. It's good for your mental health. :)

MulberryMary said...

@Tracy - you know the answer to your question. Free-range kicks butt in so many ways! ;)

Holy Cow - 24 chickens! Wow. Very cool. All with very specific personalities I am sure (well at least the current 14).

Thanks for the advice Tracy!

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