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Monday, April 26, 2010

Carbs VS. Protein what to choose for a Pre-Workout Snack

Do you ever ask yourself what should you snack on before a workout? I have - all the time actually. Depending on what time of day I workout - AM or PM. Maybe I have always asked myself this question because I love to go to the gym asap in the morning. And at 5 am I don't usually feel like eating anything. Of course, I don't want to black out during a tough workout and I also want the energy to make it through a workout so I usually have a little something.

So when this article came through my inbox I thought I better take a peek. After I read through it I knew I had to share!

Basically, the guys as ME say that if you are looking for fat loss then you want to fuel up with protein beforehand - twenty minutes before to be exact. Woo Hoo. This is great news for me. The first reason is that I have a hard time with too many carbs. My body metabolizes them so quickly that I am left wanting more food, more sweets, and I end up on a sugar roller-coaster. The second reason is that I have been loading up on protein shakes for the last few months and I really like the simple, quick and easy snack or meal I can create in my vitamix.

So what are some quick protein snacks? Here is my list thus far. If you have other ideas please share.

- Protein shake (Love my NutriVeda!)

- Raw Nuts
- Deli meat
- Cottage Cheese
- Beef Jerky
- Lentils
- Almond Butter or Peanut Butter


Tracy said...

What do you think about the whole ME diet thing? Do you follow their principles?
I heard that adding a banana to my smoothies gives me a bit of protein, do you know if this is correct?
Still working on the salads but do not yet have a favorite combination to share.

MulberryMary said...

Tracy - I have been studying the ME philosophy here & there. I am not an expert on it, but I do think that interval training is the way to go if you are hoping for fat loss.

Bananas do have protein (I don't reference them much because in some people they are constipation forming - me included).

I might add some soaked nuts to the smoothie. I make my own almond milk in my vitamix so that might be an option. You can try hemp seeds, chia seeds, nut butters in your smoothies to add protein.

Shauna said...

I often wonder about what I should eat/if I should eat/when I should eat/how much I should eat before a workout, so this is really helpful - thank you!!

I'm not really modifying my diet in any way, though I try to avoid white flour, sugar, and deep fryerss... Yogurt is another high-protein snack that might work for pre-workout, no?

MulberryMary said...

Shauna -
Yes, yogurt can be alright. Personally, I avoid dairy for many reasons. If you do not have dairy intolerance then I would recommend cottage cheese - has more protein than yogurt & usually less sugar.

Tracy said...

I'd love to learn how to make my own almond milk. And I love the idea of using nut butters. I will take that tip and use it as soon as I get some in the house. I dont know anything...yet...about the other seeds you mentioned.
I sometimes make my own yoghurt from raw milk that we produce here on the farm. I still prefer it to cottage cheese in my smoothies.
When I add cottage cheese to the smoothies and serve it to my kids they complain that I added salt instead of suger. Yes, the cottage cheese gives it a more salty then sweet taste.
Thanks for replying.

MulberryMary said...

Tracy - NICE, raw milk. What a great option. Have you made keifer with your raw milk? That is even more probiotic dense. I can understand about the cottage cheese being salty, but why does everything have to be extra sweet? To sweeten it up you could use a few drops of stevia - its 100 times sweeter than sugar...

Almond milk is a breeze. Do you have a high powered blender?

Of course I will reply. Sometimes I feel like no one is reading - though plenty of people comment here and there (in-person or on the phone) that I know someone out there is. ;)

Tracy said...

I know about the sweet thing. Why indeed! But my kids insist on it. I myself do not sweeten my smoothies nor my yoghurt.
I don't know what kefir is or how I would use it. I know, funny ... from a dairy farmers wife.
It's the same with stevia. I am afraid to use it 'cause I do not know how to substitute it. Like in a recipe. If it calls for 1/2 cup sugar, do I use 1/2 cup stevia? I know, I need to do more research.

I have a vitamix. Do you have a quick recipe for me? But, then again, you're busy. Do not bother with me.

I like reading your blog. I only follow a few and the ones I follow I try to comment on. I feel it must be encouraging. I have blogs but I keep the one I am on most days private,just for my family. I too love to know if I have readers.

MulberryMary said...

I know there is always something to learn...Stevia - its about 100 times more sweet than sugar - you only need a little bit. It is best to experiment with it. Try a liquid form or powder form. Avoid clear or white powders and they have been refined.

The recipes for Almond Milk & Rice Milk are in the vitamix book. ;)

Amanda said...

YOur blog is wonderful and full of fantastic information!!!

I need to stalk it like I have never stalked anyone before. ;)

Great to meet you at the Cat Cora event!