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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dr. Greene's New Year's Resolutions

I really like Dr. Greene's approach on many natural health topics - relating to families. He is a pediatrician who takes a BIG interest in organic foods, the environment, and tackling these issues using a holistic health approach. I thought this newsletter was worth sharing:

1.   Learn the Food Rules:   
I've already memorized all 64 of Michael Pollan's fabulous Food Rules, a book he wrote with simple, straightforward tips to help us all navigate our food choices. Which ones are your favorites? Discover my favorite rules (and which were made to be broken) by clicking here...  
2.   Make a switch to organic:  
You don't have to dive into organic food 100 percent... Check out my Organic RX to discover the most important organic choices you can make for your family - in order of importance! 
3.   Cut down on the boxes, bags and containers: 
Convenience foods are frequently full of preservatives, artificial ingredients and unnecessary chemical additives. This year, concentrate on reducing the number of pre-packaged foods that sit in your pantry. Making the switch from a berry-flavored fruit snack to fresh berries cuts down on calories, increases nutritional value and eliminates many harmful additives.
4.    Resolve to plant a garden 
          (or at least a windowbox, or some basil in the kitchen)
Research shows that kids are more likely to enjoy fresh vegetables if they are able to see them grow and help in the process. It's too early to put tomato seedlings into the ground in most areas, but it's not too early to get your family involved in plans for a spring garden. Ask your children to help you pick out a garden plot and decide what to plant. When the spring flowers start to bloom, your kids will be excited to get started, and by summer you'll all be enjoying beautiful fruits and veggies you grew yourselves! PS - I love little kid-friendly gardening sets like this one...

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