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Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Diet Pitfalls to avoid during the holidays by Julia Havey

I wanted to share this little blurb I got in my inbox today. I think it has some nice tips!
10 Diet Pitfalls to avoid during the holidays by Julia Havey Turn the Tide Foundation Board Member, and  author - The Vice Busting Diet andAwaken the Diet Within
You have two choices this holiday season. ONE: to choose to remain steadfast in your commitment to improve your health and fitness and that of your family. Or TWO: to give into the temptations that will come your way. By choosing #1, you willplan ahead so that you come through the holiday season more healthful than you went in to it! For all those choosing choice #1, continue reading and together we'll get you and your family through the holidays happier and healthier. For those choosing #2, we'll, see you in January when you start back on your "diet", upset with yourself for not sticking to your resolve!
1) Don't bake Holiday cookies. If you bake them, you're likely to eat them. If you don't want the temptation to ruin your healthy way of eating, don't bake them. But if you must, bake them, wrap them up, and give them away that very day. Your kids won't live deprived childhoods, your mailman will still like you, and the teachers will probably actually use the gift certificates you give them instead!
2) Don't plan your celebrations around food. Focus instead on creating lasting family memories – have the children 'interview' the older members of the family and you'll learn stories from their lives that will carry on as family legend for generations to come.
3) Prepare your meal "light". Stuff the turkey with herbs, fruit and onions instead of breaded lumpy stuffing! Serve a hearty whole grain rice dish rather than mashed potatoes. Steam green beans with a touch of savory olive oil in the water, no butter. Serve whole grain rolls and make your pumpkin pie with stevia and egg whites.
4) Drink water as your beverage of choice at gatherings. Say "NO thank you" to high calorie cocktails and enjoy a glass of club soda with lime. Keep the calories and hangovers at bay!
5) If you are fretting over not being able to wear a size smaller 'little black dress' or tuxedo...not to fear! How you walk in the room, your posture, your confidence, your smile will be remembered by others long after the memory of what you wore fads. Your attitude and smile matter far more than the shape of your body or the style of your clothes, and keep reading!
6) Take time each day to do something positive for yourself. Exercise is a great stress buster. Be sure to get a minimum of 30 minutes of high intensity cardiovascular exercise at least 4 times a week. Enjoy the outdoors - go sledding, ice skating, cross country skiing--anything physical will be time well spent.
7) When going to a party, call the host and offer to bring a healthy dish. The host will thank you for your generosity and need never know that your ulterior motive is to insure that you will have at least one healthy item for you and your family to eat!
8) School parties - if you are the room mom for your child's class party, get creative! Take an apple for each child, toothpicks and construction paper. 1) Cut feather shapes out of the paper and glue to the toothpicks, 2).stick them into the apple for the turkey's feathers, 3) .use brown to make a turkey head, 4).black to make feet, and tada! - .you have a healthy treat! Arrange a kid-a-thon....walk the school track to raise money for a local charity. You'll provide memories that will last much longer than cupcakes can dare to dream of.
9) Don't add stress to your life. The holiday season is about enjoying traditions with your friends and family and helping those less fortunate, not about buying the perfect gift or having the perfectly decorated home. Consider donating to a food bank or giving toys to children in need. Life is what you make of it....make it great for others!
10) Stay on track. Keep this phrase in mind, "everywhere you go....there you are!" You do not go on vacation from your body; your body does not distinguish a holiday from any other day. Your system thrives on fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and water, so make a pledge to yourself to limit the highly processed, high calorie foods this year. You'll thank yourself tomorrow!
Happy and healthy holidays!

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