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Sunday, October 4, 2009

How about a soup off?

Okay so actually it wasn't really a cook off event. Last night I presented a class about soup. Why soup? Well I have loved soup from a very early age.  In fact my after school snack was always a can of soup. Many people think this is weird, but it was my staple - its warm & comforting and soothed my soul. Usually something from Campbell's  - nothing quite as good as what I am capable of making now, but none the less my favorite thing to eat at the time! So back to the class...

I had 7 lovely ladies + an itty bitty gentleman (can you see the little one in the pic?)! They are fabulous people so not only was it fun to teach the class to these individuals it was a delightful time filled with laughter and love - all the sorts of things you want in a kitchen and infused in the food. Really the care, attention, and playful atmosphere cannot be beat.

The goal of the class was to help the participants understand how to experiment and add their own flair when making tasty soup. They learned not to take recipes so seriously and just cook up what they have on hand. We also talked about how quick, easy, & healthy soups can be!

What else did we talk about?

-Colors! Eating green, white, red & orange foods and what that means nutritionally & energetically speaking
-Storage (plastics, glass, stainless, etc)
-Best type of pot to use
-Discussed a bit about organic, local & the environment

What recipes were featured?

-Carrot Ginger Soup
-Creamy Coconut & Lentil Soup
-Heirloom Tomato & Chickpea Soup (check for the recipe from earlier in the week)
-Creamy Kale Soup

After we made the soup we sat down to do a taste test. While everyone was deciding which soup was #1 they discussed what they learned from the class. One of the main things that the class enjoyed was that they had to go and buy their own groceries at the store. Many of the items on the list were not items they would usually pick up so they felt like the excursion was one of the best aspects of the class. Check out my website (navigate to the events page) as I am scheduling Grocery Store Tours. Check back every so often for all updated events.

How many of you out there love soup? What is your favorite soup to make? Please share!


Donna Coleman said...

Hi! I love soups too. Yesterday I made the BEST turkey/chicken broth from bones I have been saving in the freeze. All natural, no salt added.

MulberryMary said...

Donna that is awesome! Can I come to your house for dinner? Yum. That makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Unfortunately we did not have time to talk about the importance of stock made from bones. I told my class that real stock deserves an entire class in and of itself! I agree making stock is the most tasty and nutritious. Are you passing this information on to your lovely children/grandkids? Now you have me thinking about Thanksgiving and how great that stock is going to be.

Donna said...

I will share the recipe but I will have to send it to you when I am back in town. I am commuting between Mpls and Washington DC---Pat has a felleowship at HHS, Department of Science, Medicine and Public Health.

MulberryMary said...

Donna -

Congrats to Pat. That is awesome. Are you enjoying it in Washington? Commuting can be difficult but I am sure it helps having family in the area. Am I right that your son lives there with his family?

Feel free to send any recipes/pictures. I can post them on the blog for my readers!

Penina said...

Great post! Soup is so easy to individualize! I'm heading to the Farmer's Market later today and whatever I come back with will be going into soup. Now that the weather is cooling off, my body really wants soup.

Anonymous said...

Funny! I just made a yummy coconut milk/lentil soup (with soy sauce and cumin & fresh spinach) this weekend. It's one of my favorites. I'd love to see your recipe too - and the kale one. Can you email me? Thanks for the soup ideas!

Amy Danzeisen

MulberryMary said...

Amy I would love to share with you as long as you share your lovely lentil recipe with me! Yum. I can imagine how great it tastes.