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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's for breakfast?

Breakfast is really important to me. Which means I take it very seriously. Well usually I do, but on a day like today I went down stairs and it seemed like I had nothing to eat. At first I cut up a lovely nectarine and ate that followed by some green grapes. Then a few hours later I was still hungry so I looked at what I had:

Mixed Greens

I first started out making a Mochi Casserole with the onion, peppers and carrots and pieces of cut up Mochi. Then I could not stop cooking so I sliced up the avocado & tomato and arranged it on a plate. I ran out to the garden to pick some basil leaves and then I sprinkled some ground pepper on the tomatoes and placed the basil leaves under the tomatoes. After I was finished with the basil I decided I really wanted eggs for breakfast (like I usually do) and scrambled them up. I placed the scrambled eggs on top of the mixed greens and cut some chives from the garden to add a little something. Then I drizzled some Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on my greens and over the tomatoes.

This did not take too long, but I made enough for breakfast and lunch.

What creations do you come up with for breakfast?

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