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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Emotional Baggage

This morning I had the intention of writing more about exercise and what I have been up to lately, but as it turns out I stumbled on this link. The link will take you out to YouTube and you will find a snippet from Deepak Chopra. He talks about releasing emotional toxins. I have been studying this concept for the last few years.

We as a society tend to blame others for how we feel. If we are not blaming others we are blaming situations from the past or other scapegoats to make us feel better. Deepak says briefly in this clip that in order for one to release these toxic emotions you first need to take responsibility for them. This can be really hard. At least I certainly rather not accept that I am the one creating my negative experiences. Then he says to witness what those emotions feel like. Ask your self am I sad or angry or whatever? Once you feel the emotion and define that sensation, write about it so that you are looking at the situation as a nonjudgemental observer. Then when you have fully expressed the sensation share those feelings with a loved one. The last little bit that he mentions is to then release the emotional toxin through fire or set the emotion free in the wind. I think that releasing is the second hardest part. For some reason we hold on to negativity like armor. At least I think I used to. I have learned that we hold on to what we know. We know what it is like to stay stuck, hurt, angry, pissed, or annoyed in life. But, the challenge is to release those feelings and embrace new emotions of joy, contentment, satisfaction or peace.

We are all given the right to these more appealing emotions, but first we have to stop getting in our own way.

What do you think about releasing emotional toxins?

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