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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Beauty of an Essential Oil Diffuser

Last night I had the privilege to take a lovely class on "Aromatic Medicine in a Clinical Setting." This class was an action packed 3 hours and was taught by Mindy Green (35 years of experience with natural products). Mindy has a great book out if you want to learn more about aromatherapy basics. The class covered a wide range of topics; essential oil history, how smells are linked to immunity, mood, stress reduction, applications for specific infections, as well safety. Really folks this class packed a punch. Anyway the major theme in the class was that diffusing essential oils is a way to kill airborne bacteria. The diffuser creates teeny tiny droplets/bubbles of essential oil that we take in in low doses.

The beauty of a diffuser is that you can have specific oils for specific jobs. Say you want to create a serene calm environment to relax the family after a long stressful day.You could put Peace & Calming or Lavender into your diffuser. A diffuser could also be placed in your bedroom to enhance restful sleep or ward off airborne bacteria if your spouse or pet is sick.  Or if you know that flu, cold, and sore throat season are on its way (which it is) then you can use Thieves for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-septic traits to protect & shield yourself from germs.

The diffuser is beautiful for several reasons:

1. It sends out pleasing scents (who doesn't like pleasing scents?)
2. It can protect our immunity
3. It replaces candles because it has a nice light setting
4. The diffuser can be placed anywhere you frequent in your house. I keep one in my home office as well as in the living room. Though I have to purchase another diffuser for my bedroom.
5. It uses less essential oil than other types of diffusers/methods (another method I use is I place essential oil on a few rocks that I have on a saucer and in the middle of that saucer I keep a votive. When you light the votive the oil diffuses. It takes quite a bit more oil than a diffuser of this nature, but it is certainly a way to get started)

If you want to purchase a diffuser follow this link and then click on the Product Line button on the left. Then in the search box type in diffuser. There are several choices, but the Home diffuser and Ultrasonic diffuser are great choices as they use up less essential oil and have the great colored lights. These diffusers come with two essential oils to start you out, but you might want to throw in a Thieves Oil or Peace & Calming to round out your choices.

Let me know if you are already using a diffuser. What do you think? Have you noticed a difference in your home environment? Are you children or pets calmer? Do you have questions? Let me know. Leave a comment!


Jyoti said...

Hi Mary, I just ordered that diffuser! I can't wait to start using the oils. I try to meditate, too, and love coconut water - great minds think alike!

MulberryMary said...

Jyoti -

You will have to let me know as soon as you get your diffuser! I love mine. I wish I had one in every room and really I used it a few weeks ago when my dog was coming down with what I think was pink eye and he healed up quick without seeing the vet!

I agree. We are great :)