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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lighten up

 "I now chose to make my life light, easy and joyful" ~Louise Hay

Instead of taking everything so seriously - lighten up your mindset and truly enjoy your life. Release your grip on what needs to happen AND when things need to happen. Let go of what you need to be OR how things are supposed to be...Instead let things be easy and joyful! Stop worrying about what you aren't and focus on what you are. You are unique and special in your own precious way. Learn to embrace the qualities that make you different. There is NOTHING healthier than that.

What do you think when you see someone smiling and laughing? When you notice a person who is glowing from head to toe. What do you think? I think, "wow" that person is beautiful and I could use a bit of that sparkle in my life. Then I remember "oh right" - I have access to that feeling as long as I am willing to enjoy and relax.

Please don't stop reading and think "well that's easy for you to say." This isn't easy for me. I'm a recovering perfectionist who sees fault in most of the things I do, say, wear, etc. Which can leave me paralyzed in fear of "what if I do it wrong?" I especially see fault in everything I write, but as my goal in life is to "let go" I am writing through the fear. Fear that my lack of grammar, spelling mistakes and punctuation make me seem silly and stupid. There are many times I feel angry, overwhelmed or disappointed in my progress in life. But, if I choose to picture myself as the positive and playful person that I am I usually bring myself out of whatever "funk" I've fallen into. And I call that progress (progress not perfection...).

I encourage you to say this affirmation or read/write it as often as you like until you start feeling easy and joyful.

Here's your homework:
Make a list of all the simple things you love and then start doing them daily.

My Simple List
- Affirmations
- Reading a good novel
- Selecting the perfect essential oil for the task at hand (like Joy or Valor)
- Singing in the car
- Dancing
- Chatting with friends
- Snuggling with my dog
- Yoga class
- Walking the dog
- Taking a deep breath

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