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Thursday, June 17, 2010

YOU = Fit & Fabulous

Ready to be Fit & Fabulous this summer!

Who isn't ready to look and feel fit & fabulous? I know that my clients feel more energized and alive. They are more focused and productive in their lives and they have diminished food related cravings. They feel empowered with the knowledge of what food and drink will fuel their high-powered lives.

They were ready to shed the unwanted weight, the bloating, the gas, the embarrassing & painful acne, they wanted to see transformation. They were tired of being moody and depressed oreating emotionally. 

They wanted to be energized, feel confident and sexy, they wanted to wear the "skinny" clothes in their closet!

Everyone wants to spend more time enjoying their life and less time worrying about how they look and feel - am I right?

So as I mentioned last week

I am offering TEN - 10 week individual programs at a CRAZY reduced rate ($400 off the regular investment rate). REGISTER NOW ***

This program is about enhancing your life and giving you the tools to continue what you have learned throughout your life. This is not a fad diet - this is a customized why of life that suits your needs!

Here is a snippet of what is included in your transformational program:
  • Weekly 50 minute phone sessions (total of 10)
  • Laser focused attention on you and your health goals
  • Gradual changes that help you stay motivated and not overwhelmed
  • Written materials, templates, recipes*** these are tools you will have in your toolbox for life!
  • Sessions can be recorded for your review
  • Full email support with 24-48 hr turn around
  • Full pay or 3-Installment payment option
If you are interested in working with someone who uses a food as medicine approach or if you are ready to see immediate changec all me 612-721-0451 to register ASAP ***. If you are undecided then give me a call so that we can discuss if this program is right for you.

There are ONLY 5 more spots left and this bargain rate goes away by July 10th, 2010!

Register Today! ***

***Get scheduled on my calendar as soon as possible. If you have trouble finding a time that works call me!


Tracy said...

I am confused about what this will cost in the end. Could you fill me in? I am interested and believe I would enjoy working with you.

MulberryMary said...

Tracy - Let's chat 612-721-0451 or email me Mary@marylangfield.com when you are free.