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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Make today matter

This last week I wrapped up a book called "The Book of Joe" in preparation for my book club meeting in July. I found it to be a fast read and I did have a hard time putting it down. Does this book have anything to do with food? Not really, but it does reflect on the preciousness of living your life fully and I believe that to be a huge piece to my business as a health coach. One section I read leapt off the page and allowed me some much needed reminding because although we "know" we don't always "know." I decided I wanted to share it because sometimes we all need a little reminder now and then to assess what truly matters in our life.


"The three of us laughed a lot that day. That's what I remember most. And that for one day, I completely forgot about my secret and just enjoyed myself, for the first time in ages."

I nod, feeling my eyes becoming moist...I can actually recall the way that day felt, the sensation of it, and what it felt like to be me then. The crisp autumn air, the noise of Manhattan, the delightful, conspiratorial sense of being somewhere we shouldn't have been...the cool wind as we walked through the zoo.

"That day mattered," Wayne says emphatically. "There were plenty of other days that mattered too, but not nearly as many as there should have been. I've thought about it a lot. What makes a day like that matter so much, and why there are so many less of them as we get older."

"And what's the answer?" I ask.

"It's simple, really. We were doing what we wanted to do, instead of what we expected ourselves to do...I'm here to tell you," he says "that at the end of the day, which is where I currently reside, nothing else matters but the things that truly matter. This is nothing you didn't know before, but even though you know it, doesn't mean you really know it. Because if you really knew it, you'd act on it, man."

Have you put off doing something that really matters because you have other more pressing things to do? This week I ask you do something you REALLY want to do and put off something you EXPECT of yourself. See how you feel at the end of the day. 

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