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Monday, November 9, 2009

Decision Making Technique

Last Saturday I participated in a day long workshop. The workshop was really interesting and I learned an awful lot about the importance of soil, setting holistic goals as well as making tough decisions. I wanted to pass on a snippet to you about a decision making practice that Atina Diffley of Organic Farming Works shared with the participants.

When you are planning on making a decision, say to buy a new vehicle (or shoes). Make the decision and then sleep on it and see how you feel about it the next day. Maybe sit with that decision for 3 days and see how you feel. Then switch your decision and be very concrete about it. Sleep on it again and maybe hold that decision for the next few days. By the time you have gone through both sides you should know what you really want to do about it.

Atina gave the example about buyers remorse and how using this decision making method helped her avoid that pitfall regardless of what she was purchasing.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any major decisions to be making in the near future and if this helped you decide.

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