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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WIN Virgin COCONUT OIL by Tropical Traditions!

Here are the details:

What -
Win a 16 oz. bottle of Gold Label Standard Virgin Coconut Oil!

Who -
Anyone can enter and as many times as they like! The winner will have to send me their mailing address (Sorry USA only).

How to Win-

Enter byLeaving a comment on this post, with your name, email and what you would like to hear about in this blog.***

Then if you so choose there are SEVERAL ways to multiply your chances of winning:

1. Enter by sending in a healthy recipe of your choice with a photo of your creation. Be as creative as you want. Your entry will be posted on this blog! Enter as many recipes as you like!

Email me with your recipe - mary@marylangfield.com

2. Sign up for a free 20 minute health consultation.

3. Become a follower of my blog - make sure to let me know

4. Follow me on Twitter @MULBERRYMARY - make sure you let me know who you are

5. Sign up for my newsletter - www.marylangfield.com (make sure I know you signed up via email)

6. Tweet about the Contest using @MULBERRYMARY (let me know!)

7. Link to this contest from your blog - let me know

8. Join my RSS Feed - let me know you signed up

WINNER will be chosen at random using - www.random.org

Time Frame -
Submit Entries starting today October 28th, 2009. Submission deadline is November 11th, 2009. Winner will be announced on November 13th, 2009!

I think that is everything.


Kate said...

Mary - this blog is great. I really love reading it. And the coconut oil sounds heavenly. I'm a huge fan of both you and coconut! What I'd like to see on your blog is ideas for people with health disorders. I have epilepsy (newly diagnosed) and I'd like to know if you have any thoughts about foods for that.
Kate Thomas

MulberryMary said...

Kate -

Thanks for the feedback! There are several food & lifestyle modifications you can do to reduce seizures, if you are experiencing those. We can chat if you like?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

I've been poking around a little, and I really like the recipes - could always use more of those! And your post about astrology - I'm going to see someone in a couple of weeks - we should compare notes! I hear this woman is really tuned in, so I'm looking forward to it! Would also love coconut oil - AND to chat with you sometime soon!

Amy D

MulberryMary said...

Amy D - Send me an email with your contact info so I have it on hand in case you win!

Let me know if you want to chat!


mfs said...

Mary! I would love to win this coconut oil especially since I am going to be implementing the diet changes you suggested last week. I have been super motivated since our chat and am really excited to see if changing my diet can affect this life-long skin problem of mine! It would be a miracle. I would love to see dairy & wheat free meal ideas posted on your website. Or maybe how to make sure that one is eating "complete" meals while remaining dairy & wheat free. I fear that I will unknowingly cut out important diet elements so having some examples / guidelines would be helpful! Keep up the great work, lady!

MulberryMary said...

mfs -

Keep me posted on your dairy-free/gluten-free endeavor. I will try to keep posting ideas on those topics. It feels like a really drastic change, but after a little bit you forget. I am here for you. let me know how I can support you! Oh, and I will also send you info on a skin care line that is fabulous.

Rebecca said...

I'd like free coconut oil! Or free other stuff :)
I like that your recipes are soy-free. Im pretty sure I have a soy intolerance and Im going without for a while.
Im excited for you to come share your wisdom with us this Friday!
... and i think I subscribed. In my email maybe?

MulberryMary said...

Rebecca thanks for the comment! I avoid most soy as well with the exception of traditionally fermented products like miso. I will write about that soon and post some great resources for you. I got you down for the contest.

Anonymous said...

Mary - love your blog! I'm going to try the muffins this week - sounds great.

Love to hear more about keeping your immune system healthy, asthma/allergy, and controlling high blood sugar.

Can't wait to read more!

~Summer S.

MulberryMary said...

Summer S -
Love your ideas. I will work on adding them! Let me know how the muffins turn out. Also let me know if you want to post a recipe or two. I know you are a fabulous cook!

Christa said...

Coconut Oil...whoop! :)

MulberryMary said...

Christa - I have you down! In the nick of time...