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Monday, September 21, 2009

"That which you are seeking is seeking you"

Today I am trying to get my ducks in a row. Last week I participated in a convention which kept me rather busy. I also had the opportunity to host two people who were also attending the convention here in Minneapolis. And I must say it was a wonderful time. So today is a day for me to email, blog and get things on the calendar. While I was organizing my paperwork, files, and essential oils I decided to listen to a recording of a session I had with an astrologer a few years ago. It was fascinating.

Now I have always been interested in the unexplained so an astrology reading was totally up my alley. I had never done it before because of the cost, however I had a nice paying job at the time and decided to go for it. The woman I went to see had done a reading for my friend a few months before than and she was really happy with the whole experience. Even a few years ago I thought that the session was pretty right on. BUT...

One of the many creepy exciting things was that this astrologer spoke of Tibetan Buddhism and understanding the Bardo. At the time I had no idea what she was taking about but now revisiting that recording I can say I had starting studying Tibetan Medicine and just returned from a trip to India in June - specifically Dharmsala where the Dalai Lama & his people have made a home. How wacky is that? When this session took place I had no idea I would be so interested in Buddhism & meditation and the concepts of compassion.

This was one example of how interesting the session was. I will not go on and on about how great the session was, but it filled me with reminders of what life was like nearly 3 years ago.

While listening to the session I had a recurring message resurface over and over in my mind. A phrase I learned from a teacher "That which you are seeking is seeking you". This phrase has brought me a lot of peace. I have been searching for many things in my life and wanting concrete answers - quickly. I'm sure many of you want the same straightforward answers. Of course we all know it doesn't work that way, but using the phrase as a mantra has helped me tremendously to "let go" the idea of knowing.

The last few years I have been learning to "let go" and my intention of using this phrase is to let my desires in my heart find me instead of trying to use my mind. This is a continual struggle, but it is worth it.

What are you seeking?
What have you found in the process?
Have you ever seen an astrologer or psychic?

Let me know I am very curious.


Michelle said...

You went to India? I'm so jealous! One of these days I will go. I love that saying you used as the title of this post. It's so comforting.

MulberryMary said...

Michelle I went to India in May to study Yoga, Tibetan and Ayurvedic Medicine. It was a wonderful trip. I hope to return to India to see more of it. I learned a lot about the 3 constitutions and eating for your type as well as caught a glimpse of the Dalai Lama at his monastery while surrounded by Tibetans, being served butter tea and Tibetan bread.