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Friday, September 25, 2009

Swap out your sports drink...

Swap out your sports drink for a more healthful option.

I'm crazy about coconut water. Have you ever tried it? If not and you drink sports drinks for electrolytes consider swapping out the sugary beverages and trying coconut water. It is 60 calories per 11 oz container. This morning before I headed out for a sweaty hour long session of kettlebells followed by Yoga I drank some coconut water. It was pretty early about 5:30 am and I felt so much better after fueling up on this single ingredient drink (I was pretty tired).

The only draw back to this lovely beverage is that it is not a local item. I try to buy local foods as much as possible. I live in Minnesota and we haven't got any coconuts growing here. Which means that this lovely beverage needs to be shipped and trucked in, not all that great to the environment. Of course neither are those other "power" drinks, plus they are not good for your health. But, that aside I still enjoy this beverage. Yum! I pick mine up at my local co-op. When you go shopping look for it and if you do not see it then ask. I have asked my co-op to buy certain food items and then they appear like magic! Its wonderful.

If you check out the link you will also see that one of the benefits is also a hangover "cure". Try it out already and then come back here and tell me what you think! If you already drink coconut water tell me why. Where do you buy it?


Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

I like coconut water a lot, especially the mango flavored Zico! It's a little pricey, but a nice alternative to plain water.

MulberryMary said...

Michelle -
I completely agree Coconut water is a great alternative to plain water. Sometimes I make my own flavored water to "spice" things up, but don't specifically need electrolytes. Raspberry, cucumber, orange, otherwise I put a few drops of high-quality essential oil into a large glass of water. Like Tangerine or Peppermint. What other ways do you "spice" up your plain water?


Anonymous said...

Zico is made from concentrate and has added sugars. If you want the real thing I highly suggest Vita Coco.

MulberryMary said...

Anonymous -

Great info. Thanks. Are you talking about the flavored versions? I checked the ingredients and I saw that the plain is just the coconut water without "flavors".

I prefer to drink coconut water out of a coconut if at all possible, but when I am traveling and totally dehydrated from my plane ride I drink prepackaged. I don't care for any flavors, just the plain.

I might have to grab a few coconuts tomorrow. Actually, I am waiting for flaked coconut, coconut vinegar, and coconut concentrate from Tropical Traditions so I might need to hold off. ;)

MulberryMary said...

oh yes, I see what you mean after inspecting the label more thoroughly.

Thanks for the 411.