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Monday, September 7, 2009


Hello Yawl -

I don't know why, but I am having one of those days where things seem extra hard. Anyone ever felt that way? There can be many reasons why someone might have these feelings.

However the sun is shining and its in the 80's and I want to be super energized and excited about life - like I usually am, but alas I am instead wondering what it is that I have or haven't eaten in the last few days that ='s this total state of blah.

Now as I write this I have a hunch that what I am missing has to do with my social calendar and nothing to do with my diet. I used to be a social butterfly and I would exhausted myself trying to make sure my calendar was packed. I took great pride in a full weekend. Then suddenly my life changed as lives do. I went from a job where I traveled a lot during the week and the weekend was the only time I was home. I crammed everything into those weekends; seeing family and friends, hopping from appointment to appointment, doing laundry, repacking and the hopping back on a plane. This was how life was for a few years. I really enjoyed it and then when I got a new job where I stayed "put" I started to neglect my social calendar and it felt good. Not having any plans on the weekend was a blessing. I stopped calling people.

Now I still thoroughly enjoyed seeing my family and friends, but I had always been the person in charge of these relationships. It is a lot of work maintaining relationships as I am sure many of you know. I learned this thru trial and error and over time became confident in my skills as a friend. About the same time I stopped making plans for every waking minute of my life I decided that it isn't only my job to keep my relationships running smoothly. It takes both parties...

Now that I have realized that my "break" from a social life was something I very much needed is now the very same thing that is draining me today. This past weekend felt like a mini-vacation. It was very low key. We stayed home and hung out with our dog, read our paperbacks, and rented a movie. We both enjoyed this, but now after a long-weekend at home with just each other we are feeling stir crazy.

Today is Labor Day 2009. This is a day where friends and family gather for a BBQ. Enjoy the remaining bits of summer with people who feed you just as much as any nutrient. Last Thursday it had finally dawned on us that it was going to be a long weekend and we would want to spend time with others. Unfortunately by the time this realization occurred to everyone was busy.

Next Labor Day you can bet that I will not make the same mistake. I wish everyone out there a glorious day full of nutrient dense relationships.

Oh and by the way. Now that I have this "figured out" I am feeling 100% better!

Please share you thoughts by commenting on if relationships feed you too. Thanks

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